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The Mark Aspen blog brings together review and comment by Mark and other professional reviewers in the performing arts. It focuses on stage works: drama, musicals, ballet and opera.

The reviews are unique in concentrating on performance in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and its immediate environs, with occasional forays into London and the Home Counties. Recognising the wealth of arts in these areas, it considers not only professional and fringe productions, but also the myriad club theatre and high-quality amateur productions that abound here.

Also to be found on this site are Mark’s occasional musings about the state of modern theatre, and readers’ comments are welcome to round out the topics exposed.

Mark Aspen believes that a review should aim to be a literary work in its own right, and aims to make  reviews entertaining and thought-provoking.

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  1. Elizabeth Parker permalink

    Are you in need of new reviewers perchance? If so, contact me by email as I’d love to discuss this further…

  2. Robert Gordon Clark permalink

    Mark, Emily

    Thanks for the review of Pride and Prejudice

    There’s two minor typos it’s Mr Bingley (not Bennet) played by James Burgess and it’s Sarah Morrison (two “r” not one).

    Thanks from all of us

    Mr Bennet aka Robert Gordon Clark

    • Hello Robert

      Thank you very much for pointing out the errors of fact in the Mark Aspen Review of Questors’ Pride and Prejudice. May I on behalf of Emma Byrne apologise to James and Sarah. They are now corrected on the post.

      Keith Wait

  3. Adrian Carr permalink

    G’day Mark, my name is Adrian Carr, a film director living in L.A. I recently saw a review that Junis M. Olmscheid worked on a couple of your sets. I was wondering if this is the same Junis who did make-up on The New Adventures Of Robin Hood [late 90s in Lithuania]. I realize her email has changed and wondered if you could please pass mine onto her, if she is the same Junis. Many thanks in advance…Adrian

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