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Alice in Winterland (by our younger reviewers)

by on 31 December 2017

A Devilish Dormouse, but a Kind Monster !

Alice in Winterland

by Ciaran McConville adapted from the stories and poems of Lewis Carroll

RTK Productions at The Rose Theatre, Kingston until 7th January

We asked two of our younger reviewers to share their thoughts on Alice in Winterland, to complement  Mark Aspen’s review.  Evie and Milly write:


Review by Evie Schaapveld (aged 7)

I loved the parts where they showed the Jabberwock and the Bandersnatch, because how they made them was very creative.

The Bandersnatch was very kind even though he looked very ferocious, and he looked like a half skeleton, half the Jabberwock, and half cat. I was terrified by the Jabberwock and he looked like an enormous pterodactyl skeleton.


The blue caterpillar was very good, and very funny, and they made him very long. I liked the stairs on the stage and I liked how they had two Alices. One was in her own house, the other was the one who went to wonderland.

Evie Schaapveld

December 2017

Review by Milly Stephens (aged 12)

I thought that it was a wonderful twist on the original story by Lewis Carrol. It was full of hope, bravery and adventure, but can bring a tear to your eye.

I loved the play because it had a range of characters. Some of my favourite were, the mad March Hare, the operatic Queen of Hearts and the cute but devil souled Dormouse.

Alice in Winterland at the Rose Theatre. Photo by Mark Douet _50A1007


I recommend it for all ages because you can never be too old or too young for a magical tale.

Milly Stephens

December 2017

Photography by Mark Douet



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