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March 14

by on 20 May 2020

March 14Keyhole (Oliver Plumb)text

by Anne Warrington

March 14 Eden

God was so very angry.
He fumed, he seethed, and he raged
Whooshing out great gusts of wind.
Adam and Eve shivered and shook
Trapped by the knowledge that
The fury and wrath of a vengeful God
On them was about to descend.

“It’s all your fault,” Adam shouted at Eve.
“Why couldn’t you resist the lure of that slimy, slippery, rattlesnake.”
“Don’t you yell at me,” yelled back Eve
“From what I remember you weren’t so slow on the uptake
Biting into that red, rosy, juicy apple
Hanging from the branch, shining in the light.
You didn’t say that God would be upset!”

Adam and Eve quarrelled all day and they quarrelled all night
Exhausted they sank to the ground
God stopped his huffing and his puffing
The wind stilled and the air warmed

“We’ve been forgiven,” said Eve
“I guessed God wouldn’t be angry for long.”
“That’s not the way God works,” said Adam
“I’ll wager we’ll pay a price for doing wrong!”

As he spoke a mouth-watering smell wafted through the air
Adam and Eve sniffed in delight:
Cinnamon! Nutmeg! Sugar! Apples! Hot piecrust!

“I’ve sent you an apple pie,” boomed the voice of God.

“We’ve been forgiven,” said Eve
Adam stared at the pie: “This I don’t believe!”
“It’s a sign of God’s forgiveness,” said Eve, about to bite into the pie.

“Stop!” bellowed God. “Because of your defiance…..”

“I was right,” thought Adam, waiting now in silence.

“Before savouring that delight,” God continued
You must first figure out the circumference of that pie
Calculating to the very last digit of pi.”
“Easy, peasy!” whispered Adam in reply.

And so Adam set about his task:


And so Adam learned something of God’s infinite mercy
and so Adam and Eve never got to eat that pie!

Anne Warrington
May 2020

From → Poems, Poetry Preview

  1. A lovely piece

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