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The Star Child

by on 29 June 2020

Slavery Beaten by Kindness 

The Star Child

 by Oscar Wilde

Teddington Theatre Club, zoomed until 28th June, then on-line on YouTube.

Reviewed by Heather Moulson

 As part of Teddington Theatre Club’s Wilde Weekend on Zoom, I was keen to watch and listen to the reading of The Star Child, one of Wilde’s lesser known children’s story, part of the anthology House of Pomegranates.   It is one that is deceptively grim and moral, not to mention its child brutality and slavery, concluding with only a brief happy ending.

Caroline Ross and Enyd Galia took on this complex tale, and became an impressive team.  Alternating with reading passages and supplying vital sound effects, this story came over as credible and smoothly produced.  It was read at a good pace, and no trace of overlapping – the occupational hazard of Zoom. 

grayscale photography of man praying on sidewalk with food in front

The duo breathed life into what could have become an overlong tale, full of disturbing descriptions and relentless cruelty, but it was brought across with sensitivity.  The Star Child was made credible and the descriptive passages were drawn out in full colour.  The rich and almost biblical dialogue came over very clearly.


Oscar Wilde is better known for his other remarkable and witty works, so this was an aspect of the writer that could benefit from being explored.  The two readers did not disappoint.

One point I will raise, is that background is as vital as a stage set on Zoom.  Some backgrounds with these productions weren’t of a great standard.  These were only random cases, not so with Steve Wayman’s introductions, set against an impressive theatre backdrop, and the colourful rose garden background of Michelle Hood’s reading.  We are all tentative about this newcomer Zoom, but I think this should be taken seriously.

I’d truly recommend catching The Star Child on YouTube, under TTC’s Wilde Weekend

Heather Moulson, June 2020

Photography by Sergio Omassi and Pexel

The Star Child  may be seen on YouTube as part of Wilde Weekend (at 5hrs 15mins)


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