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The Bean Spillers

by on 27 August 2021

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The Bean Spillers

Gigglemug Theatre at the Hen and Chickens, Camden Fringe until 29th August

Review by Heather Moulson

I did not expect immediate interaction with the cast while I found a seat in this enigmatic and semi-full auditorium.  However, two very genial actors dressed in black greeted me instantly.  My first instincts are to keep my head down but, in this case, I found the experience warm and welcoming.

Comprising an exciting duo, Sam Cochrane and Alex Prescot, accompanied by a talented pianist who interacted with ease and timing, The Bean Spillers exuded a witty and vibrant rapport.  The theme, we are told, is Gossip.  They are literally about spilling the beans, and they certainly delivered.

Scouting for rumours and stories amongst the enthusiastic audience, they gleaned a dubious story from someone in front of me.  I was quite relieved they chose him, as I had gone quite blank.  Introducing their guest of the evening, Katy Schutte, there was a strong interaction with everybody.  Reminiscent of Morecambe and Wise, they have a different guest every night and this particularly versatile guest proceeded to blend in well. 

Dancing, razor sharp improvisation and random fun, the entertainment did not stop and it kept up a strong consistency.  With great support from the audience, a spontaneous song, dance and acting out of an entire play through this one random rumour was clever and detailed. Very inventive with good stage presence, the pair quickly turned a rumour into sheer comedy.  Moreover, this spontaneous piece ended the story with a moral.  A very well done job in sixty minutes.

Directed by this dynamic duo and presented by the Gigglemug Comedy Theatre, a past winner of The Edinburgh Stage Award, I would certainly recommend catching them at Edinburgh next year, not to mention here and now at the Camden Fringe.

Heather Moulson, August 2021

Photography by Gigglemug

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