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Legally Blonde

by on 1 December 2022

Fun-Filled Flamboyance

Legally Blonde, the Musical Jr.

music and lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin, book by Heather Hach, based on the novel by Amanda Brown

Dramacube at the Esher Theatre until 29th November, then tours to 21st December

Review by Millie Stephens

Millie Stephens is one of our younger reviewers.  Millie trained with the Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Legally Blonde, the Musical Jr was a fun and vibrant performance by Dramacube’s teenage Orange Cast at the newly refurbished Esher Theatre.  It is a story of friendship, sorority, and the legal world, with the classic social message of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. 

Rosie Preedy played the lead role of Elle Woods, and strongly resembled the iconic, sassy 2001 movie star Reese Witherspoon starring in the original movie.  Her confidence radiated out through the audience leaving everyone with a smile on their face.  I would also like to mention Florence Bastin who played Paulette, the over-dramatic endearing hairstylist who with Elle’s help managed to gain confidence in herself throughout the play.  I thought she portrayed the role of Paulette in a comedic and enthusiastic manner and never failed to make me laugh. 

The confidence and positive energy of Rosie’s character contrasted with Isla Hickinson’s Vivienne, the stuck up and catty Harvard Student.  Isla’s performance of the spiteful character was a brilliant contrast to the energetic scenes.  However, at the end of the play, Vivienne and Elle unite through sisterhood and stand up together against the misogynistic society of the legal world.  This moment was poignant as it reminded the audience that we should always stick together through challenges and hardships while remembering our self-worth. 

The male leads of Elliot Wilson as Warner and Gael De Bonnieres as Emmett are both very strong actors and created a great contrast against each other.  Elliot and Rosie started the play in love, however Elliot had to move on as she was ‘too blonde’ for him.  However, Gael’s character helps to find her full potential as a lawyer and trained Rosie into becoming the “Valedictorian” of Harvard Law School and they end up happily engaged at the end of the play.

I would like to thank Hannah Calarco, the production designer for the wonderful pink set that was filled with neon lights and balloons.  The costumes were amazing and helped to resemble the characters from Legally Blonde, special mention to the dog Bruiser’s costume worn by Grace Young, which was cute and hilarious.

The sorority Delta Nu girls always brought energy and huge smiles to the scenes, all of which engaged the audience.  The performance was packed with brilliant musical numbers including Omigod You Guys, performed by the sorority girls.  This song kick started the show with energy and enthusiasm which was maintained throughout the performance.   Another song that stood out was Ireland performed by Florence Bastin about Irish men and the comedic song was accompanied by Irish dancing Florence and Alfie.  Finally, the song Bend and Snap, which was choreographed by Rory Cubin was filled with energetic dance moves and gymnastics.

The finale rounded the musical off on a positive note and proved that ‘looks and books’ can coexist.  Legally Blonde is a fun filled show that I would highly recommend seeing to brighten up your day and come out with a smile.

Millie Stephens, December 2022

Photography by Simone Sutton

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