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Hansel and Gretel by a younger reviewer

by on 17 December 2018

A Magical Journey for Young and Old

Hansel and Gretel

by Ciaran McConville, adapted from the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm

RTK Productions at The Rose Theatre, Kingston until 6th January

We asked one of our younger reviewers to share her thoughts on Hansel and Gretel, to complement Mark Aspen’s review

A review by Milly Stephens (Aged 13)

Hansel and Gretel is a vibrant Christmas show with a funny, dark, magical twist. Hansel and Gretel (Oliver Smith and Sylvie Varcoe) take you on a magical journey through the great forest, meeting lots of familiar fairy-tale characters: a bar-maid Cinderella, a feisty Red Riding Hood, a sassy Rapunzel, a brave Snow White, a flirty prince frog and an Italian speaking Pinocchio.


The choreography by Aimee Leigh was outstanding. The dances were pulled off brilliantly, by a mix of professional and talented youth cast, with precision and energy. The original songs by Eamonn O’Dwyer matched the feel of the play perfectly. With the catchy finale song “happy ever after” leaving the audience on a high.


The costumes made by Juliette Craft and her amazing team and designed by Peter Todd were fantastic, with the traditional costumes with a twist. And of course there is Pinocchio’s nose, which when he told a lie appeared out of nowhere. And the bear (Devon Black) who was extremely tall, was suspended on stilts.

I recommend this for both the young and the old, whether you have grandchildren or grandparents, for you can never be too old for a fairy-tale.

Milly Stephens
December 2018

Photography by Mark Douet

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