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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

by on 13 December 2019

Twist Your Tongue with Laughter

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

by Alan McHugh and Jonathan Kiley

QDos Entertainment at Richmond Theatre until 5th January

A review by Evie Schaapveld, one of our younger reviewers (aged 9)

I thought this panto was very funny because there were loads of very funny jokes. There were jokes with Haribos, and there were lots of jokes about different parts of London like Richmond and Feltham. The Queen was funny because she was trying to get out of the “oh yes she did, oh no she didn’t” bits and I just found it quite funny.


They did this bit which was very funny because they got four children to come up with Muddles and they had to say after him “one smart man, he felt smart” and it was very funny because the words came out like “one smart man, he spelt f**t”. I was laughing so hard!


They did this other tongue twister bit when the Dame asked “what shall we get Snow White for her birthday?”, and Muddles said “let’s get her some sushi from Sue’s sushi Snow7Dshop”, and Prince Harry came and said “are you sure?”, and the Dame said “Sue’s sister runs the sushi shop and Susie runs the shoe shining shop”. It went on really long! I’m out of tongue twisting things! How could they do that without saying it wrong??!!

The costumes were very good and I liked the ending costumes. The set was very good and confusing as they were able to change quickly from the Queen’s laboratory to the castle to the village. I didn’t understand how the crew could have changed the scene in such short time.

Snow White was a very nice girl and the Prince was nice. He was called Prince Harry and he came from Hampton, which I liked. There was kissing! Muddles loves Snow White but he goes with it, and he lets her go to the Prince.


I was laughing so much at Muddles and his mum, Nurse Nancy. She was the Dame. I liked the bit when they had the jokes about the movies and finished sentences for each other.

There was this joke when Muddles imitated some important people. He pretends to be important and then he impersonates Donald Trump and says “hello and my British name would be Duck F**t”! And I found that really funny and hilarious.

The seven dwarfs were really nice and kind. I think there was Skipper, Sneezy, Clumsy, I can’t remember the one who was in the yellow, and then there was one called Laughing, or Laugher who laughed a lot. There was Blusher and Sleepy who slept a lot and was asleep half the play.

I found Queen Lucretia a very funny evil Queen. Her name sounded like ‘creature’ most of the time. So when the audience was shouting “oh no you didn’t, oh yes you did”, it was funny because she was like “I don’t want to do this, I’m only doing this because I’m paid”. It was very funny.

They sang lots of songs like “Don’t you worry ’bout a thing”, and at the end they throw lots of silver streamers into the audience. Overall, this pantomime was very good, and I suggest that everybody should go to see it. I died with laughter and I died of shouting and screaming!

Evie Shaapveld
December 2019

Photography by Craig Sugden

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